FAQS For Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

FAQS For Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical lift platforms are observed along a standard staircase in some public places. However, old homes and hospitals are some of the most common areas where you'll observe vertical lifts the most. So what is the purpose of a vertical lift?

A vertical lift is also called a wheelchair lift. It is an elevator-like transportation installed in a building to carry wheelchairs, scooters, or such equipment vertically between the different floors. Mansion owners also like to install vertical lifts in their residences to ensure convenience for all users and people during events. Is there any prior knowledge you need before buying one?

Here are some everyday things which may concern every buyer regarding a porch lift. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Some Common Concerns About Vertical Lifts

Buying a vertical wheelchair lift is entirely on your needs and site structure. However, the below-listed generic questions will give you a good idea about the adaptability of wheelchair lifts.

Why Should You Use a Vertical Wheelchair Lift Instead of a Ramp?

When deploying a vertical wheelchair lift, many users often think about using a ramp instead. However, vertical lifts are more adaptable than ramps. Ramps have specific installation codes and require more installation space.

For instance, if you want to install a ramp for accessing a 4 feet high porch, you’ll need to install a ramp 80 feet long. Although these codes are doable in open spaces, they are impractical in limited areas where vertical transportation is essential.

How Much Does a Vertical Wheelchair Cost on Average?

The next thing which concerns the buyers is the price of the equipment. Standardly, vertical wheelchair lifts require an installation fee of five to seven thousand dollars. However, the final cost of the setup depends upon the site and lift complexity.

How Much Space Is Needed?

Having an idea about the minimum space needed to install a wheelchair lift is essential before you start your construction. The actual area is decided by the porch or deck you want to access.

Here is an illustration for overviewing the measurements. If you wish to access a patio 36 by 48 inches, you'll need a minimum lift footprint of 54 by 74 inches.

How Do You Buy the Right Wheelchair Lift?

Buying the right wheelchair lift is the most critical job. But here is a quick guide to help you steer to the right one. The first thing you need to analyze is the placement spot of the lift. If you want to install it outside of the home, then you’ll need a porch lift.

Similarly, you’ll need to decide how many floors you want to access with the lift. Lastly, you should consider the size of your wheelchair or the other devices you wish to transport.

Are Vertical Wheelchair Lifts Safe and Easy to Use?

Vertical wheelchair lifts may seem rugged in appearance, but they are easy to operate. Moreover, they are reliable and last more than other constructional transportation. Also, they incorporate safety mechanisms to prevent wetness seeping and current shocks in rainy or snowy weather.

The Bottom Line

Vertical wheelchair lifts were commonly seen in hospitals and old homes initially. However, compacter models are also available that are installable in limited spaces.

Although these lifts are valuable in different settings, all buyers have some shared concerns. This excerpt communicates all the essential information about vertical wheelchair lifts. On average, the setup costs around 5000 to 7000 dollars. However, these lifts resist environmental damage and last longer in severe conditions.