Top Maintenance Tips For Your Portable Dental Drill

Top Maintenance Tips For Your Portable Dental Drill

Do you operate a dental clinic, or are you in the process of opening a clinic? You will need several key tools and machines, including the dental drill. However, in addition to using the device, you need to maintain it correctly, and that's where this article comes in. Maintenance is crucial for your portable dental drill as it allows the device to maintain optimal operating efficiency. The portable dental drill is an essential dental tool. It may prematurely fail if you avoid proper care and maintenance. Thus, you must know the necessary steps you should undertake to guarantee its effectiveness.

How to maintain your portable dental drill

A lack of knowledge on portable dental drill maintenance is the primary reason for its malfunction. Proper care is crucial in guaranteeing fast and reliable day-to-day operations. Do not assume that everything will go smoothly even without taking precautions. There is a reason the manufacturer sells the device with a manual to guide you. We can all agree that maintenance is key, and it secures your machine, the user, and the patient. This article will offer you a guide on the best maintenance practices.

Clean the external casing

The first process to maintain the portable dental drill is to clean the external casing. Use a soft bristle brush and warm water to clean the device's outer case. Make sure to avoid using abrasive detergents and very hot water. Also, avoid submerging the device in chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, or water. Natural detergents are ideal for use—research before you settle on a particular cleanser to avoid causing more harm than good.

Lubricate the portable dental drill

The main goal behind lubrication is to avoid fast dental drill degradation. Use 100% synthetic aerosol oil to lubricate the drill. Pour only a few drops on the drill's drive hole and run it at a low speed. Also, make sure to expel excess oil via chuck and bearings. Lubrication plays a crucial role in extending the dental drill's life.

Sterilize the dental drill

Most manufacturers will provide the sterilization process for their devices. Thus, make sure to follow it step by step. Also, always include the sterilization process as a regular part of machine maintenance. The sterilization process helps to kill any microorganism present, which may reduce the effectiveness of the machine's use. The sterilization process can occur in the chemical vapor or autoclave sterilizer.

Let the portable dental drill cool down

Once the sterilization process is complete, remove the device from the chemical vapor or autoclave sterilizer. Then, let it cool off and dry with its head upright. You should note that it is not advisable to use the machine when it has not cooled down. Also, allow natural cooling to take place. In addition, never run a portable dental dill under running cold tap water.


A portable dental drill now available in Alibaba is a worthy investment. You should prioritize maintenance because this equipment plays a key role in dental procedures. Cleaning and sterilizing the machine is good for hygiene purposes. Also, lubricating ensures that you extend its life.